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Traditional Fox Trotter Classic Aluminum Bit, - Short, Medium & Long Shanks

The traditional all aluminum, Fox Trotter bit. 5" mouth piece with shank lengths available in short, medium and long. All have 2 1/2" purchase measurements.

The Aluminum Classic Bits are like a fine wine that only get better with time. They certainly do not make them like they used to! These classic bits are no longer manufactured, our bits may be the last ones like it on the market. All of our Classic Bits are used and some may have wear marks that bring a uniqueness to them. Our full money back guarantee applies to our Classic Bit Collection.

Looking for an aluminum performance bit with precise measurements to replace or add to your tack collection? Please e-mail us, with the specifics on the bit you are looking for. We will go through our collection and send you details and pictures of several bits that may suit what you are looking for.

TrFTalum$60.00Shank Length: 
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