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Added to the tree of our saddles is the patented, exclusive technology of SilCush, to give maximum protection as it cushions.

Sil-Cush is the world’s only fully breathable silicone foam. It is a high-end and high tech solution to pressure management for your horse. The goal of Sil-Cush is to create the “no pressure point” riding experience, improving your horse’s comfort and performance.

Sil-Cush has been tested and used at Georgia Tech and US Defense Aerospace Company for a number of Medical and Aerospace applications. This breathable, medical grade silicone foam allows air to easily flow through, helping moisture and heat to dissipate.

Sil-Cush molds to the horses shape as the back and the shoulder muscles work, distributing pressure evenly for a no pressure point fit. The Sil-Cush lined stirrups and seat of this saddle afford the rider the same luxury feel and support.

SilCush is ultra durable and anti-microbial, it reduces the pressure points on the horse through its exclusive silicone matrix which both cushions and conforms to the contours of your horse’s back. It gives a “bouncy” feel instead of a “dead or stiff” feel like gel. It is also breathable unlike gel that can cause heat build up. SilCush has been proven to provide more support than SuperCore, because it is able to mold and bounce - instead of just collapse. Traditional foams and felts would not be able to withstand the long term durability issues of being on the saddle’s bar, they end up “bottoming out” providing no support at all.

The results of SilCush are dramatic and proven superior when compared to other materials to provide a no pressure point fit.

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